Farbtestung (CAD-Test)

Das Aeromedical Center Germany arbeitet mit dem CAD-Test. Mit diesem Test lassen sich objektivierbare Aussagen zur Farbtüchtigkeit, sowohl für Piloten als auch für Fluglotsen machen.

Der CAD-Test ist von der EASA, vom Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, von der FAA (USA) und insgesamt international anerkannt.

Der Test wertet automatisch aus, diese Auswertungen werden von den Behörden akzeptiert.

Das System ist auch anwendbar für die Arbeitsmedizin, für die Verkehrsmedizin insgesamt (z.B. Eisenbahn, Schifffahrt und Strassenverkehr) 

Dieser Test wurde von Prof. Barbur von der University of  London entwickelt 
(Das Aeromedical Center Germany nimmt an einer wissenschaftlichen Studie dazu teil)  

Colour Vision Assessment - the CAD test    Testerklärung 

The CAD test screens for normal red/green (RG) colour vision in less than one minute. If loss of RG colour vision is detected, the program can be used to measure accurately the severity of RG colour vision loss and to diagnose the class of deficiency involved (i.e., protan- or deutan-like deficiency) in 9 minutes. 

The CAD test can measure very small changes in the patient's chromatic sensitivity over time and this can be used to detect and then to monitor progression of disease and/or effects of treatment.

The CAD also tests for yellow/blue (YB) deficiency. Subjects born with congenital yellow/blue (YB) are very rare (about 1 in 20,000), but the prevalence of acquired YB sensitivity is much higher and increases with age. 

The presence of acquired loss of YB chromatic sensitivity can be detected with high sensitivity and the severity of colour vision loss can be quantified accurately in 3 minutes. YB loss is often associated with systemic and/or eye disease. 

Preliminary data suggests that in cases of ARMD and diabetes, the loss of chromatic sensitivity can be severe and often precedes early clinical signs of retinopathy, in some cases by several years. 

The Colour Assessment and Diagnosis (CAD) test was then developed further with support from aviation authorities and Transport for London and is the most researched and documented AVOT test.

The CAD test has now become the ‘gold standard’ for detection of congenital and acquired deficiencies and for establishing the severity of colour vision loss.